Vanjaro Top 100 Tips - Tip #1

The Navigator will add more efficiency to your work and is essential for creating clean pages.


Make it a habit to use the Vanjaro Navigator, here's why.

Vanjaro Navigator
The Vanjaro Navigator is a floating window over your workspace that looks like what you see in the screenshot.
You can locate objects, containers of objects, sections, you name it. Every object on the page is represented.
Notice the eyeball icon on each object to control visibility - very useful for those complex layouts.
Notice the quantity of objects are indicated for when you want to grab groups of objects at once.
And finally, notice the move icon, that lets you move your selection to anywhere in the hierarchy - in between two existing objects, or dropped onto one whereby it is contained within the destination object.

And that's not all

When migrating pages from DNN, there can be lots of extraneous or unnecessary code inherited in the migration. The Navigator is the best Vanjaro tool there is for getting rid of these sometimes hidden artifacts.

Bonus tip

You might sometimes have the case where an object on the page can't be deleted or moved. In these cases, simply add a section to the page, go to the Navigator and move that unmovable object into the new section you just created. The, just delete the section, voila!
This is where the icon for opening the Navigator is, at the bottom of the Vanjaro admin panel:
Vanjaro admin panel


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